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Yet more lies from Bob Berzins and the Moorland Monitors on controlled burning

It is that time of the year again when it becomes silly season for Bob Berzins and the Moorland Monitors as they promote a wide range of nonsense about controlled heather burning. It is no surprise really given earlier this year Bob Berzins gave a political presentation that contained 22 major lies in it.

Rather than following the actual science available on controlled heather burning, as carried out by Mark Ashby of Lancaster University and peer reviewed by Dr Gavin Stewart of Newcastle University, the Moorland Monitors put out a statement claiming the management tool decimates wildlife and habitat. Clearly this is total nonsense.

Indeed, controlled heather burning is the number one wildfire mitigation tool available to land managers to prevent the large wildfires that can decimate wildlife and habitat. Bob Berzins and his band of moorland monitors seem to have forgotten, or purposely ignored, the damage of wildfires on wildlife. In last year's Australian bushfires over 3 billion animals were killed or harmed.

As part of their latest bout of propaganda, the Moorland Monitors claim, ludicrously, that 'Badger Cubs' are killed by the controlled burning now the season has started.

For anyone with an ounce of knowledge about badgers, or indeed an ounce of honesty, will know that badger cubs tend to arrive in late February or early March, not October.

Throughout the controlled burning season very few animals are ever harmed and the occasional small number that are pales into complete insignificance when compared to the number that are killed in wildfires.

But that doesn't stop Bob Berzins and his Moorland Monitors from trying to spread more malicious lies.


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