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The C4PMC is a campaign group dedicated to protecting moorland communities and the driven grouse shooting that provides vast social and economic benefits to the local area.


We work with local community groups to provide advocacy and communications support to individuals and local businesses within these moorland communities. We welcome guests blogs and feel free to get in touch with suggestions. 

Our projects are funded by local communities. 

People: C4PMC is run and managed by our editor, Jenny Wilson, and ably assisted by a sprightly cocker spaniel, Mabel. 


Jenny was brought up in the Peak District as a daughter of a gamekeeper and now lives on a small farm in North Yorkshire. 


We rely upon a network of individuals from across our moorland communities to provide us with information, stories and updates. If you would like to contribute or get more involved in C4PMC then please contact Jenny at

Moorland communities and the livelihoods of those who live in them are under attack. Wilful misrepresentation of scientific facts and incorrect reporting is one of the main drivers of these attacks. Science has continually proven that for a rich and diverse eco-system, sustainable moorland management is required. There is a large community who rely on the moorland for their livelihoods, and the simple fact is that banning grouse shooting or re-wilding the moor would destroy many local businesses, livelihoods and the social fabric that makes the UK's moorlands the wonderful place they are and the reason they attract 40m visitors a year.