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There are a number of ways you can help protect rural livelihoods and our moorland communities. 

How You Can Help.

The C4PMC is an advocacy group for moorland communities. We need your help and your stories to put an end to the relentless attack on our way of life and our livelihoods. We are stronger together, so please join us and have your voice heard. Rural England is too often forgotten. 

Send Us Your Story

We're collecting real stories from the people who live and breathe the moorland. If you are worried about your business, home or community being affected by the attacks on driven grouse shooting and countryside sports, email us.

Email Your Local MP

In order to raise awareness of the realities we are facing, write to your MP about your concerns and outline the socio-economic benefits that countryside sports bring your community. Find out who your local MP is here.

Share Our Updates

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our news with your friends and the local community so we can all have our voices heard. 

Contact Us

If you live in or nearby a moorland and are concerned about what impact anti-shooting and anti-countryside sports campaigns will have on your business or community, send us an email today. Together we can protect moorland communities, and a way of life that has lasted for generations. 

Thanks for submitting!

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