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Top ten failures of 2021 from Wild Justice and friends - Day Eight

Despite wild game being by far and away the most sustainable and nutritious source of protein, that hasn't stopped Wild Justice from doing their utmost to have you think otherwise.

Normally their efforts - and contradictory stance - can be brushed off as laughable given the clear benefits of wild game: however what happened last Christmas was no laughing matter.

Following a torrent of ugly abuse, a Scottish children's charity who had been responsible for providing free meals to children in need were bullied into refusing the game they had been provided by local gamekeepers as part of the Game for Giving project.

The charity – which wished to remain anonymous for fear of yet more attacks – said it was unable to accept a donation of fresh game meat.

The project was set up in 2016 by the Angus Glens and Grampian moorland groups, has fed more than 1,500 families, and has been expanded all over Scotland by various moorland groups.

Its work in 2020 was particularly invaluable, as the financial impacts of Covid-19 and lockdowns across the Christmas period made it even more difficult than usual for families to put food on the table.

It is a huge shame that the ire of a vocal minority, jeered on by groups like Wild Justice, meant that those who are most in need had to go without.

But sadly many of those who campaign against fieldsports are unable – or unwilling – to see any of the benefits that these sports provide, whether that's to the environment and wildlife, to local communities, or to the wider world.


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