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The irony of Packham telling viewers 'not to accuse individuals of a crime when no evidence exists'

In last week’s episode of Autumnwatch there was a scene where a hedgehog was seen on a night vision camera scurrying away after being suspected of having just eaten a skylark.

Co-host Michaela Strachan, seeing the guilty looking hedgehog shiftily heading through the undergrowth, exclaimed it had come from ‘one of our nests, the skylark's nest, to no surprise of any of us'.

At which point, Packham responded: “I am glad you’re not working for the police force in the country because you’ve blamed this individual hedgehog for a crime when you have absolutely no evidence that this hog is the one that ate the skylark.”

Of the irony of a celebrity who has almost singlehandedly incited more hostility towards gamekeepers and other rural workers with sweeping comments to his BBC audience including being guilty of ‘hare genocide’ and “the wholesale slaughter of our precious birds of prey ends.”

Packham would be advised to listen to his own advice when on the whole there is ‘absolutely no evidence that this [Insert whichever subject group Packham is gunning for today] is guilty of [insert whichever accusation Packham seeks to make this time].

[a separate badger run over by a fast moving car]

We have heard however there is evidence to demonstrate that some unfortunate badgers have been killed during the making of Autumnwatch as 'filmcrews, thought to be driving wildly' ploughed through them leaving them dead on the side of the road. It is unknown whether Packham was in the car at the time of the killing.


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