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Ruth Tingay's funders face condemnation after "Boycott Israel" sign appears in window of Lush store

Lush cosmetics is no stranger to serious controversy. However, even by its own standards, the company’s latest “boycott Israel” signs that appeared in one of its stores is surely a new low.

Previously the firm had funded a nationwide campaign accusing the police of ‘lying’ and ‘spying’, leading to huge backlash against the firm and many former police officers calling for a boycott of its goods.

Despite these controversies the company has enjoyed the steadfast and unwavering support of Ruth Tingay throughout, which is not surprising given she has received tens of thousands of pounds from the company in recent years, according to Lush giving records.

In recognition of these donations Tingay has made regular appearances at Lush sponsored events, such as the Lush Summit, as well as appearing on the Lush podcast with fellow animal rights activist Charlie Moores.

The “boycott Israel” signs have drawn widespread condemnation and expressions of outrage from around the world

The number of people killed in Hamas’s attack on Israel has risen to well above 1,000, with horror stories emerging about the actions of the Hamas terrorists.

Ruth Tingay has not made any comments about the current situation in Israel however her public connection with Lush, and her failure to condemn the company for its “Boycott Israel”, signs is as disturbing as it is telling.

However Tingay’s silence on Lush’s signs is perhaps unsurprising given the vocal anti-Israeli views of her Wild Justice colleague Mark Avery.

In a blog written in 2016, Avery expressed his anti-Israeli views boasting proudly that he was able to be a “drain on the finances of the state of Israel” whilst taking part in birdwatching trip in the country. He also questioned whether he should have boycotted the event entirely as ‘a political protest’.

If this pair had an ounce of integrity between them they would immediately cease any further relationship with Lush, donate the thousands of pounds they have already received to an appropriate Jewish charity and apologies for their actions. But I don’t think anyone will be holding their breath.


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