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North Yorkshire Moors remains on 'fire alert' due to dry conditions

Following recent sunny weather and low rainfall the North York Moors national park is on 'fire alert' and visitors have been asked to be particularly vigilant due to the increased risk of moorland and forest fires.

When wildfires get going on moorland, particularly areas not managed by controlled burning, the impacts can be devastating. This was seen earlier this year after wildfire decimated moorland owned by the National Trust at Marsden Moor in West Yorkshire.

Fire risk warning signs will be displayed at key sites advising people what they can do to help to reduce the risk and they will remain in place until the risk passes.

Senior ranger, Bernie McLinden, said: “Past experience has shown us that under these types of conditions, moorland fires can spread extremely quickly causing significant damage to the landscape and its wildlife.

Please do enjoy the North York Moors, but do not light fires or barbecues and do not discard cigarettes, matches or glass bottles, including throwing cigarette ends out of car windows.”

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