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Moorland bird safaris underway in the Yorkshire Dales with over 60 bird species recorded in a single visit

The Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group (YDMG), in partnership with Keld Resource Centre and Gunnerside Estate, have began this year's series of bird safaris.

The public group were given a tour of the estate by local gamekeepers to see the widespread bird life and learn about upland management and the conservation work undertaken on the estate.

Managed moorland estates, like Gunnerside, are widely recognised as a one of the leading habitats for rare birds and the visitors were given a treat with over 60 species of birds recorded, including six types of raptors.

A spokesperson for YDMG said: “The weather was favourable and the birds didn’t disappoint. The estate is primarily open moorland with mixed habitat plus some lower ghylls and wooded areas offering more opportunities to see a wider suite of birds."

He added: “Over 60 bird species were recorded including six species of raptors, copious amounts of waders and a heartwarming sprinkling of chicks despite it being a later season this year. These events are really good at bringing moorland managers and the public together to explain why and how the moors are managed and safeguarded for future generations.”

The management activities on managed grouse moors, specifically vegetation burning and predator control, are the primary driver of increasing densities of some of these endangered birds.


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