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Hen harrier numbers 'now higher than at any other time in the last 200 years'

Hen harrier numbers continue to soar to record levels across England, according to new data released by Natural England.

141 chicks have fledged from 54 recorded nests in England this year, the seventh year in a row that numbers have increased. There are now more hen harriers in England than at any other time for the last 200 years.

Tony Juniper, Chair of Natural England, said of the data “The encouraging numbers we see again this year are testament to the volunteers, landowners and partner organisations who have worked so hard to support and monitor these birds.”

Of the fledglings recorded this year, 24 were taken from nests on grouse moors as part of the broad management scheme.

Last week news emerged of white tailed eagles predating hen harrier chicks and numerous nests are also known to have been predated by foxes, reinforcing the threats these chicks continue to face from other wildlife.


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