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BBC's Chris Packham launches extraordinary attack on Natural England head, in now deleted Tweet

BBC celebrity presenter last night launched an extraordinary attack on the head of Natural England, Tony Juniper, before swiftly deleting the Tweet.

Whether the Tweet was deleted because Packham feared further legal action is unclear.

In his Tweets to his 600k followers Packham accused Tony Juniper's organisation of 'being a disgrace to the public purse and shabby sop'.

Before the Tweets were deleted however Tony Juniper gave a stern response to Packham, saying: "Unlike you Chris, who with a massive BBC profile can sound off without any accountability at all, we are trying to find ways to recover these wonderful birds, and progress is being made. It's easy to polarise this space, making progress more difficult."

Packham responded to Juniper, who is a genuine pragmatic conservationist and naturalist, accusing him of having 'jolly days out on the moors with criminals and their apologists.'

This is just the latest example of Packham fuelling hostility against rural communities, blanket brushing them as criminals, and further preventing any progress.

In a week where Packham has talked extensively in court of the hostility he has faced in the past from some rural communities this is just the latest example of the pot calling the kettle black and will do nothing to help the endangered wildlife that thrives on managed moorland in the uplands.


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