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As wildfires break out nationally and the weekend approaches, people *still* light bbqs on the moors

Following our previous blog on the wildfires currently being reported on moorlands all across the country – not just in the uplands – on Wednesday we received reports of a second fire in five days on Marsden Moor, in the Peak District.

As the Peak District Moorland Group wrote then:

"The official Met Office, Fire Severity Index is low, but anyone with experience of the moors knows the vegetation is dry (low sap levels and dry from the recent winds and sun) and fire is very likely, especially coupled with anti social behaviour."

As they pointed out, while some estates are still carrying out the very last controlled burning of the season, "these low intensity burns are carried out by trained personnel, as opposed to a group with a BBQ, a slab of lagers and no permission."

Ironically, the next day, just as the last fire had been brought under control by keepers and fire fighters, one of the PD land managers spotted a couple having a cosy barbecue on his land. When approached and warned of the dangers, their response was that they "were responsible" and that "there was no vegetation that could catch fire". We will leave you with your own thoughts here; we can only wonder what's so wrong with a simple sandwich?


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