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Animal Rebellion vandalise small shooting supply business in protest against UK methane gas release

Last weekend a group called Animal Rebellion, who are an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, took to the streets of London to, in their own words, ‘occupy the streets of London and unleash playful disruption as we demand a #PlantBasedFuture’.

‘Playful’ very much being their operative word here as the evidence shows that their ‘campaign’ is simply a game to them.

In fact their game resulted in widespread criminal vandalism and the attacking of two small businesses.

The main issue Animal Rebellion are campaigning for is for everyone to move to a plant-based diet, as that will save the world from the methane gas released by cows in the UK each year.

No one is suggesting that the methane released by cows in this country each year is not harmful to the environment and things need to change, however some perspective is urgently required.

Take for example the recent Nord Stream gas pipe leaks. These leaks are estimated to have released over 500 metric tonnes of methane every hour so far since the leaks begun. That is the equivalent of 150-year’s worth of methane released by cows in the UK.

The middle-class campaigners taking to the streets of London over the weekend decided to attack two fieldsports shops; Farlows and William Evans.

Farlows, which particularly specialises in fly fishing equipment, was first to be attacked by the protestors. One can only think that they misunderstood fly-fishing with offshore trawling in terms of the environmental impact. “Details, details, let’s attack a fieldsports shop.”

At no point do these campaigners stop to think of the impact fieldsports in the UK generate, both to the economy and to the environment.

It is estimated that each year shooting alone contributes £2.2billion to the rural economy; they support the equivalent of 74,000 full-time jobs and thousands more part-time and widespread conservation benefits.

It seems their protests have backfired though with many members of the public jumping to the defence of the two shops.

One Twitter user said: “Just more criminal scum vandalising private property and damaging a lawful business trading for lawful sporting activities. I’d love to think that the justice system will deal with them effectively, but no doubt they’ll get let off and free to continue vandalising & harassing.”

Another said:

“Disproportionate actions that are both damaging and counterproductive in winning any external support for the cause. I’m a sympathiser, but I cannot condone or agree that this is the way to positively promote its importance or awareness. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”


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