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17th Dec - Charlie Moores/Lush

Charlie Moores is a prominent animal rights activist, who runs the Lush media platform: LushPlayer Radio.

Lush, the cosmetics company, is best known for running an advertising campaign attacking the UK’s brave police officers for ‘lying’ and ‘spying’. The campaign led to a huge backlash against the firm, with many calling for a boycott of the company.

One leading former police officer wrote at the time: “Your anti-police advertising campaign is an utter disgrace. It stereotypes ALL police officers as corrupt. I trust that you will never again seek police assistance if you are the victims of crime.”

Another critic wrote: “I am absolutely disgusted with your anti-police campaign. Our police officers save lives every day and put themselves into situations to protect us whilst you sit behind your big desks in an office somewhere. I will never be purchasing a Lush product again!”

Lush is owned by Poole based businessman, Mark Constantine, who also pays the salary of Charlie Moores.

Moores has close ties to Ruth Tingay and Chris Packham, who have both been interviewed by him.

Exactly how much influence Moores has in determining where Lush donations go is unknown however what is known is that vast amounts of money from Lush goes towards anti-grouse activists.

According to records publicly listed by Lush, the cosmetics brand has been responsible for funding the following groups:

· Luke Steele’s Moorland Monitors: - it is thought the funding made available to Moorland Monitors was used to purchase large amounts of video recording equipment for the group in the Peak District.

· OneKind: - A campaign group to secure radical reform on Scotland’s grouse moors. It is thought the funding was used to build a ‘campaign website, communications materials and events.’

[Luke Steele being recorded for Charlie Moores Lush Podcast]

Separately it is also known that Lush donated an unknown amount to the Peak District Raptor Monitor Group – the same group that is run by Mike Price and George Taylor, who was recently found to be giving public lectures lying to people saying there were only three pairs of Hen Harriers in the UK, as opposed the reality being more than 600.

An additional £20,000 grant from Lush was also given to Ruth Tingay’s Raptor Persecution UK, according to Lush’s Financial Accounts.

Isn’t it extraordinary that these organisations that are continuing to demand that the police pursue innocent gamekeepers across the UK’s uplands are in fact being largely funded by an organisation that itself campaigned against the police. You could not make it up.

I wonder if local police forces will still be happy to spend so much time listening to the often bogus claims of the Moorland Monitors and others when they realise they are funded by the people who campaign against them.


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