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Packham accused of 'encouraging violence' across countryside as he applauds criminal masked mobs

The vast majority of ‘saboteurs’ are seemingly nothing more than criminals intent on causing violent disruption under the vague pretence of supporting animal rights.

Nothing captured the public’s views towards sabs better than the video that emerged last year of four balaclava thugs terrifying a young mother of two outside her house.

When the intimidated young mother requested that the mob - led by a convicted thug call Paul Allman who had previously been arrested for assault - remove their masks, they yelled at her to 'f*** off'.

These so called ‘animal rights activists’ are in fact just criminals hell bent on violence and vandalism, with many of them now having served jail time.

And yet, it is these kind of thugs, criminals and outlaws that the BBC’s celebrity broadcaster Chris Packham has now been accused of encouraging to carry out these activities of harassment around the country.

One reader said: "You are now literally encouraging masked mobs of violent criminals to rampage through the countryside harassing people?!"

What sort of low has the BBC reached when they allow a man to present their programmes who is seemingly encouraging this? And what do the RSPB think of having their Vice-President effectively inciting this sort of violence to take place?

It is not uncommon for sabs to be found carrying offensive weapons.

Packham’s latest outburst must surely be the last straw for the already tried patience of the BBC’s Director General , Tim Davie, and the RSPB’s Becky Speight?


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