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Mark Avery dismisses holidays in the North of England as an ‘unattractive prospect’

[There are few pleasures in life nicer than visiting our moorlands]

At a time of unprecedented economic crisis, rural England needs all the help it can get to protect jobs and livelihoods, which is why holidays and visits to our moorlands have never been more important.

This week we have seen the Yorkshire Tourist Board launch a new campaign “We’re delighted to welcome you back to Yorkshire” -

Northumberland has been suggesting similar sentiment with the Northumberland Tourist Board, announcing “We are thrilled that we can finally give the warm, Northumberland welcome we are known for”.

The Prime Minister has also been championing the staycation this summer, encouraging people to holiday in England.

[A northern farm shop selling local produce]

But not the pugnacious Mark Avery, who today launched a diatribe against the UK’s moorland communities even more detestable than his usual rants.

In his blog earlier today, suggesting that the much needed upcoming grouse season may be a ‘damp squib’, Mr Avery writes: “the prospect of travelling to the North of England, an area governed by a bumbling government…may not be the most attractive prospect to many who have other ways to spend their money.”

[It is assumed the Avery family will not be holidaying in the North of England this summer]

Not only are our heather moorlands in the North some of the most beautiful places on earth, rich in wildlife and bio-diversity, the North of England also desperately needs tourism now and is doing everything possible to encourage visitors back.

Trips to the moorlands during the grouse season play a fundamental part of that which is estimated by some to generate up to £2 billion pounds a year for the local economy through the investment brought to local businesses, including B&Bs, local pubs and restaurants, village shops and petrol stations. Not to mention the vital income generated for game dealers, mechanics, the wider shooting community (many of which he dismisses as simply ‘poor’), country clothing stores and many more.

It seems while the rest of the country is trying to do everything possible to support economic recovery to our areas hit hardest by COVID-19, Avery is on a mission to cause further economic harm.

Mind you, I guess when your business partner Chris Packham was charging tens of thousands for speaking appearances and maintains smart houses in Hampshire and the South of France, or when you raise tens of thousands to pay yourself for new campaigns in the space of days, you don’t have to worry much about economic conditions impacting hard grafting Northerners, eh Mark?


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