Chris Packham's gas guzzling holidays

Chris Packham may not have made it out onto the streets of London with his Extinction Rebellion friends, but he has certainly been full of support for the campaign group. He criticised the Prime Minister for referring to the campaigners as “crusties”, warning that:

“The lack of attention to the climate emergency will come back to bite people. This is about the health of our planet. History will not look favourably on anyone who calls us ‘uncooperative crusties’. We have to put them in a ­position where they have to listen.”

Of course, here at C4MCP, that is exactly what we have been trying to do. Trying to get Chris Packham to listen to the views of the people whose livelihoods and communities he is out to destroy.

Meanwhile Chris, who is apparently worrying about the climate emergency and the state of the planet, conveniently appears to forget about his carbon footprint when there’s a bit of cash up for grabs. Next November he and 110 tourists – who will have paid over £7,000 per person – will be heading off to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Here they will be able to ‘battle Elephant seals’ with the eco-campaigner himself; and it’s fairly safe to say that Packham will be taking a cut.

Oh well, never mind the 115 tonnes of carbon the trip will generate…

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