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Anti-DGS campaigners 'get weirder by the day' as they go dancing on a Lancashire grouse moor

A new video has been released by anti-grouse shooting campaigners, showing them dancing on moorland owned by the Grosvenor Estate in Lancashire.

Despite being littered with factual inaccuracies the video is also just deeply strange, as are the people in it.

We're not quite sure what they are hoping to achieve by having a bunch of oddballs dancing around in red gowns.

Extinction Rebellion, as was widely publicised earlier in the year, were branded a terrorist group by the Government.

[Chris Packham at another Extinction Rebellion gathering]

It is curious to have reached a point where terrorists have started focusing their efforts on rural folk. I wonder if the reaction would be the same if Al Shabab were dancing in Lancashire instead?

What makes this even more weird is the anti-grouse shooting campaign is run by a company that also represents fracking companies. Strange but true.

We have many views on the video, however I think the comment by one viewer - Mr Mark White - probably sums this up perfectly:

"How can the working class identify with this, the pampered spoilt middle class, you lot just haven't got a clue, hundreds of years ago you lot would have been hysterical religious fanatics, now you're middle class hysterical fanatics."

You might well ask, Mr White.

His comment reminds us of that other XR video that went viral earlier this year showing XR protestors being given a lesson from hard working people just trying to get themselves to work to put bread on the table for their families.


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