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Schoolchildren learn about protection of communities, carbon, and wildlife in 'Let's Learn Moor'

Schoolchildren from across the UK's uplands got to learn about the special features of the stunning moorland landscape, the environmental benefits it brings and the communities that depend on it in this year's Let's Learn Moor programme.

Since 2017 over 9,000 children have been part of Let’s Learn Moor across multiple venues.

The project involves over 50 partner organisations, including National Parks, local farmers, emergency services, gamekeepers, water utility companies and conservation groups.

The youngsters had an opportunity to rescue and evacuate their teachers off the moor with Mountain Rescue groups, watch sheep being sheared with the local farmer and test out fire extinguishing equipment with the gamekeepers.

Local school children take part in the Let's Learn Moor event on the Dallowgill Estate in Nidderdale near Ripon. Photograph: Stuart Boulton

A spokesperson for Let's Learn Moor said: “The children got to meet the people and organisations that help to protect our stunning moorland landscapes and species including gamekeepers, farmers and representatives of Yorkshire Water as well as the mountain rescue and fire brigade.”


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