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18th Dec - Sarah Whitehead, (another convicted criminal activist)

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

[Sarah Whitehead, AKA, Mumsy]

To understand the mindset of animal rights activists you need look no further than the notorious Sarah Whitehead, another activist with strong links to Moorland Monitor's founder Luke Steele.

Whitehead was back in court again this week where she was convicted of hurling abuse and threats through a megaphone, calling members of the public 'paedophiles', 'wankers' and 'retards' and threatening to 'blow up' a dog racing track.

In 2010 Sarah Whitehead, also known as Mumsy, was jailed for six years for a masterminding a terrorist-style campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences which the Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire Moors and Moorland Monitor's founder, Luke Steele, was also involved in. Steele ultimately served 18 months in prison.

In this week's court case the court were shown film of Whitehead shouting at stadium officials: "Your days are numbered, I'd keep looking over my shoulder if I were you".

A few minutes later another member of the public approached Whitehead to say she was upsetting his daughter, at which point she shouts through the megaphone: "Animals are dying, who gives a shit about your family?".

Whitehead hit the headlines ten years ago when she admitted conspiracy to blackmail for her part in the campaign against Huntingdon. The court heard she had been known as Mumsy by the young animal rights activists with whom she pursued contractors of the Cambridge based animal testing lab.

They posted hoax bombs, made abusive telephone calls and distributed leaflets falsely accusing employees of paedophilia to their neighbours and daubed slogans such as puppy killer and murderer on their homes and cars.

As well as the six year prison sentence, she was also given an Asbo, running for ten years from her release from prison in 2012, preventing her from taking part in protests against animal experimentation.


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