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'Simply awful' Springwatch viewers switch off as Packham fails to identify birds he talks about

Since Springwatch launched in 2006 the viewing numbers have continued to decrease consistently, from a high of 3.76m in its first season to just 1.8m in series 14.

It is easy to understand why.

The Springwatch view of nature is both comic and tragic. And yet, even with its decline, 1.8m people are still watching it and being fed an entirely delusional, and often Disneyland-esque, impression of the countryside.

Viewers though are now publicly venting their anger towards Chris Packham as they blast the 'irritating' presenter for 'talking down' to the audience.

What fewer members of the audience though seem to have picked up on is that Packham, not for the first time on Springwatch, has failed to identify the species he is meant to be talking about.

Twice Packham refers to the 'avocet' on screen, sitting on her nest. The problem is of course the bird in question is not an avocet but an Oystercatcher, as anyone with a basic understanding of ornithology could tell you.

As you can see from the two photos below, these birds may both be waders but they could not look more different.

Photo One: An Avocet

Photo Two: An oystercatcher

If the BBC are going to insist on broadcasting their vision of the countryside into the homes of their remaining 1.8million people you would have hoped the least they can do is ensure that the Springwatch production team have selected presenters with an ability to correctly identify the birds they are there to talk about.


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