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Chris Packham sacked by bird of prey charity after dividing members

The founder of Raptor Rescue charity stated the BBC star had become 'too political' and he has been removed from his possition after dividing members.

According to today's Daily Mirror, Packham had been linked with bird of prey rehabilitation centre Raptor Rescue since the early 90s, but was let go when he became too "outspoken" in other areas.

According to the charity's chairman, Mr Robbins, when he advised activists to break the law to fight for environmental causes, it was a step too far. The organisation finally removed him from their website after cutting ties with him previously, saying that "irrespective" of anyone's personal views, the charity couldn't support him.

It is a further blow to Mr Packham, who has been accused of inciting hostilities against rural communties in recent years after a series of attacks on gamekeepers.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Mr Robbins said: "He was a patron, but we hadn't heard from him in a long time, he hadn't done anything for the charity.The other reason we decided to remove him was he started to get more and more political in his views and that didn’t sit well with our members either."

Packham recently compared the Just Stop Oil protest group to the Suffragettes, claiming breaking the law when campaigning against climate change policies was "ethically responsible", as long as nobody gets hurt.

Speaking to Radio Times in September, he said: "The Suffragettes set fire to things, smashed a lot of glass, attacked people on the street. And in apartheid, they were blowing up trains, blowing up factories. What the climate movement is grudgingly having to accept is that maybe that radical flank will develop. At the moment, no one is blowing up an oil refinery, but a lot of people think that is very likely to happen"

Chris has recently returned to social media, taking to Twitter on Thursday evening to share his opinion on Rishi Sunak's Net Zero policies, revealing he was taking legal action. He wrote: "I believe the PM broke the law when he delayed Net Zero back in September.


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